Why New York is the City of Fashion

New York City is one of the big fours in the fashion industry. Not only because they have one of the highest grossing fashion industries in the world, but also because they have one of the strongest identity and most influential fashion statements in the world. New York also holds large events like fashion week to showcase the talent, creativity and uniqueness of their homegrown designers. Being one of the leading cities to spearhead the industry, New York boasts one of the busiest fashion districts which generate a significant amount of economic output.

New York Fashion Calendar
New York, being one of the fashion capitals of the world, has one of the busiest calendars in the fashion industry. This December alone, just before the New Year comes, fashion events would be simultaneously conducted on different locations making the city’s fashion icons schedule tight as it can be. And as of this moment, there are ongoing fashion events. Windows Wear and Urban Oasis are currently having tours to showcase their products and services.

Boutiques are currently running promotional sales at discounted prices. Some stores are expected to end their sale on the 31st of December this year. On December 27, a couple of days after Christmas, New York’s Garment District will be holding a free tour to showcase the latest in New York fashion.

Design Schools
Another reason why New York is very big in the fashion industry is because it has a multitude of training facilities for people interested in fashion and design. Design schools abound in New York City. From there a lot of talents have been honed and cultivated attributing to the city’s diverse fashion. Because New York is a multi-racial city, it has become a melting pot of talents from different origins. Each adding a flavor of their own to the already existing fashion culture of New York.

This on the other hand, makes New York fashion unique. At the same time people can identify themselves with New York’s fashion trend; thus, making it easy for them to adapt, accept and incorporate it to their own style. Design schools in New York strengthen this gift and help designers express themselves through their creations by giving them the necessary skills and training.

New York City is the city of fashion because it lives and breathes fashion. Fashion is one of the industries that keeps it alive, and it is also the statement of the people living in New York. High Fashion!

Chris Soria

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