My Favorite Things to Do Around Town

New York City is pregnant with pristine places to go to. Bars, restaurants, parks, and concerts, there will always be a spot for you to have fun, play around, or just relax. Everything that you see in the streets of NYC is something worth seeing. We’ll start with food!

Pizza heaven!
When it comes to eating pizza, Di Fara Pizza is my top favorite. It’s so good, you want to bow down to its maker! Plum tomato, rich mozzarella, sausage, fresh olives and basil leaves, and let’s not forget the all perfect and classic pizza dough. And though having a slice of pizza may be a hike away, a small piece is worth every second to get that gooey, cheesy, and meaty pizza in your mouth!

Talking about the favorite meal of the day? For New Yorkers, it’s always brunch. Bottom brunch in NYC is probably the best meal of everyone in the city. You have got to eat, drink, chit chat with friends, soak in the sun, and pause for a while. It almost feel like the best time of the day.

The Empire State Building
Don’t ever forget this in your list of to go tos and to dos. Every insider knows this and you should trust what they say. It is open all year round and the last tickets are up until 11:25 PM. The history itself of The Empire State Building is already heart capturing, add to that is its grand and glorious built that is worth your every penny. Ticket rates range from $22 to $45. Expect that there will always be a line starting at 8:30 am but I can guarantee you that your visit to NYC is never complete without you going to the top of this building. And for an additional $15, you can have a more intimate place on the observation deck.

Central Park
This one is on top of my priority and favorite places to recommend for everyone to go to. If you think that NYC is always about premium price tags, the Central Park is a place that tells you that happiness is free indeed. Visitors and locals often travel this park to relax their minds, to exercise, to meet friends, and enjoy family day. This is the perfect place to make up for your missed outing you have promised your child.

Bike the Big Apple
If you want to get to know more about NYC, you can dig deeper into its history and scenic hideaways through guided bike tours. In this way, you’ll get to exercise, make more “fit and healthy” friends, and get intimate with the wonders of the city.


There is just one fluff about being a New Yorker and having been living in the city for almost of your life—and that is to forget that NYC is an amazing little planet. Sometimes, your eyes might not appreciate these attractions anymore; thus for us New Yorkers, it is best to keep in mind not to get lost in a day. Remind yourself that you are in NYC and that it is still one of the best places to explore.

Chris Soria

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