I Never Carry Cash On Me

Recently I stopped carrying cash in my wallet at all times. There are many reasons why but I’m going to share a few with you here. You may think you need to have cash in your wallet whenever you leave the house but that’s not always true. Here are some of the reasons I never carry cash on me and you can see if they work for you as well.

You Can’t Get it Back
What happens if you lose your wallet, leave it somewhere, or someone takes your purse when you’re not looking? If you have cash in your wallet you’ll never see it back. The only time you would see it is if you caught the person in the act. That is highly unlikely. When you lose your wallet with your credit or debit cards, you can get those returned and fraudulent charges are refunded. Cash is just gone forever. There’s no returning the money that you lost.

No Control Over Spending
To be honest, when I have to pull out my debit or credit card to buy something, I think long and hard about buying it first. If I have cash to spend, it’ll be gone before I even get home. I can’t always monitor where it goes and it leaves faster than I want it to. Cash makes it easy to spend and when I have to use a card, it makes me think twice. I don’t like keeping cash in my wallet for this reason. I can’t track it and it leads to more impulse buying for me.

I Like Knowing Where My Money Went
When I use a card I have a tracking record for where everything that has been spent goes. I can easily go onto my online accounts and see what money went where. I don’t have to guess where that $100 I had in my pocket went after a long day. As I mentioned before, cash leads to impulse buying for most. This means you can easily spend all your cash and have no idea where it even went.

These are just a few of the reasons I have stopped carrying cash in my wallet at all times. You can keep a couple of dollars on you , if you like, for the rare locations around that do not accept cards. Otherwise the cards can give you accurate records of all your transactions, you can easily recuperate whatever is lost or stolen, and you can help yourself to stop the impulse buys.

Chris Soria

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