How I Strive to be Frugal

New York City is said to have one of the most expensive cost of living on the planet. In a month, you would need at least $2,000 just to pay a tiny apartment, $155 for utility bills, and $400 for food. Add to that is your insurance and car expenses, which can go up to $5,000. And these are just very few of the basic things you need to spend for staying in NYC. Costly as most people would say, but there are hundreds of things you can do to survive in a premium city with just the bare minimum. Here’s how.

Find roommates
One of the most high-priced expenses you could have in NYC is the apartment. Say you find a $2,000 small apartment, find people who are also looking for roommates in the city and see if you could share the bill. This way, you could be cutting your budget to half or a third of the actual rent of the place.

Buy secondhand furniture and appliances
Online, you can find stores that sell furniture and appliances at a bargain price. Or better yet, go to shops that sell or donate recycled things that are still in good condition. This can be a little time-consuming, but it’s worth the hassle.

Buy space-saver furniture
Tiny houses and apartments are so in these days that even transforming or space saving furniture are created. These are beds that you can turn into a sofa or cabinet that transforms into a work area. Foldable tables and transforming bunk beds are just a few ideas that you can use in a small apartment so you don’t need to resort to a medium or large space to accommodate your bare necessities.

Use coupons
For your basic daily needs, you can embrace the art of couponing in your life to live in NYC inexpensively. This can be really time consuming and somewhat laborious, (if you are not much into cutting papers all the time) but you really need to give time for it. In some occasions, you don’t even have to spend a dime to buy your basic necessities. From food to toiletries to clothes, you’ll just have to grab whatever is there in your coupon.
And as for recreations, you can always go to occasionally free events in NYC. All sorts of activities are happening in the streets of New York and you can take advantage of it. Whether it  be a free concert, live shows etc. you can take advantage of them.
New York is no doubt expensive, but with deliberate actions, surviving its premium cost of living is never impossible.

Chris Soria

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