Good Characteristics This City Will Teach You

New York City is one of the most advanced places in the planet. With it comes the most advanced technologies, way of living, jobs and business, as well as crimes, and health diseases. Living here is extreme. You need to be one of the toughest and smartest persons in order to survive. Thus, in this city where just about anything happens, can come a person with good character that makes a perfect leader.

New Yorkers, even at a young age, have already understood and accepted the diversity in people. That everyone has their own story and decision in life. That everyone has their own label, but you should not make the label be your guide to accepting or rejecting someone. Black or white, male or female, transgender or bisexual, New Yorkers don’t make labels a big deal. In fact, they are the ones you see in the forefront of a campaign to support equality and anti-racism.
A true New Yorker knows that NYC is a rude place to live in, same goes to the people. People are rude. But a true New Yorker is unaffected by this fact; he sees the insolence, but instead takes action to make the world a better place to live in.

You learn that it’s okay to be alone
NYC is crowded with people. Everywhere you go, there will always be some hundreds of New Yorkers and travelers packed in an area. And though you are surrounded by this crowd, you feel alone because everyone is busy. They are busy with their hectic schedules. Everyone is going to and from the streets and buses. And even the streets are busy. But it’s okay. At a very young age, your parents have probably taught you how to be independent. How to go to school and commute all alone. How to walk the streets and read signs by yourself. You learn that being alone is no big deal. Thus, you can survive even without anyone to share life with.

You’ll be tough
New York City is not for the faint hearted. Either it will brave you up or throw you down. It is a world of competition. Where everyone is competing with each other. Where 24-hours feels like four hours. And even balancing work and life has become work itself that needs to be surpassed. At a very young age, you’ll learn how to build yourself—from your personal life to professional life. And in this way, wherever you may be, you know for yourself that you’ll survive. Because you have been through hell and you’ve made your way to a heavenly condition.

Chris Soria

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