Frugal Mind: Why I Value Time Over Money

Being frugal has its ups and downs. Most people who live a frugal lifestyle enjoy spending less money and value other aspects of life rather than personal possessions. As a frugal spender, I see the benefit of having more money saved rather than spending money on possessions. By being frugal, I can make big purchases by saving the money instead of raking up extreme debt. It can be self-fulling to save money and earn great deals without harming your financial future.

Why become frugal?
Being frugal can not only help you save money but it can give you self-confidence. You will feel good about yourself by growing your savings account and spending less on the items you need for family and your home. When you become frugal, you begin to value time over money. You will be less worried about paying off your debt and more interested in the time you have to spend with your family. When you don’t have to work overtime to pay your debt you can spend more time at home, appreciating the time you have with your children and loved ones.

Spending Your Time Wisely
Since you have saved money by being frugal, you can plan family vacations and outings with loved ones. You have the time to go on outings such as the local zoo or even the movie theater without feeling guilty about spending the money. Being frugal actually frees your mind to be able to spend money on activities that will allow you to spend time with family and friends.

Why I value time over money?
While most people value money and work overtime every week to earn it, I value time more. Money you can always make but time you can never have enough of. Spending time with your children and loved ones are essential. There will always be new televisions and gaming systems to buy but your children will only be small for a short amount of time.
By having more time and money saved, you can take family vacations and small trips. The memories you make from the trips you take with family will last a lifetime, long after that television you want to purchase fizzles out. Value the time you have with your family to spend your earnings wisely rather than wasting it on frivolous items that will not be as meaningful in the long run.

Learn how to be Frugal
If you are not a frugal individual, you can learn how to be. Start by considering every purchase. Do you really need that new gaming system? Or could you wait until you can save the money or when the system might be on sale? By considering every purchase, you can really think about what your money is going towards and if you really need the item. Instead of impulse buying, you will then be able to start on the path to begin frugal. You will find that you begin to value the time you have rather than spending it worrying about how you will pay off bills for your latest purchases.

Chris Soria

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