Do You Have to be Rich to Live Here?

New York City is known to have the most expensive cost of living. House and apartment rentals, car insurance, transportation, and the cost of living itself are all premium priced. This is why most people would often tell you that you need to have at least six figures a month in order to live decently in the city. But do you really have to be rich to live here? Some New Yorkers have debunked this conspiracy and these are what they advised you to do to live comfortably and affordably in NYC.


Budget everything you need
From food to gas to utility bills and toiletries, everything, and I mean everything has to be budgeted. If you think that your monthly salary cannot cover all the things you need, make an effort to cut off those that are of lesser priority. For the meantime, make sure that your basic necessities are met and don’t go beyond your means if the budget won’t allow it. Here are some expert budget tips you can follow that can stretch your money till the next salary:

  1. Buy wholesale.
  2. Buy your basic necessities once a week.
  3. Learn the art of couponing and bartering.
  4. Choose thrift shops.
  5. Go to recycling shops and find things you need that are still in good condition.

Practice the art of sharing
If you are single, find a roommate for your apartment. Not only will you cut down on half of your monthly rental and utility bills, but you also get to have someone to share the expense of food and drinks from time to time. And if you’re married, sharing the expenses should obviously be observed. Sharing some expenses will always make the ends meet.

Cook your food
You want to eat pizza? Or maybe, you are craving an ice cream. Don’t drive to a restaurant just yet. Take the time to learn how to make your favorite food. In this way, you don’t get to spend $5 for a slice of pizza when you can get eight slices of pizza for only $10 if you make your own. Or better yet, make food that will last for a week. Learn the art of canning and freezing food. So if you are too busy, you can always open healthier frozen and canned food than that of the store bought ones. And lastly, bring your own snack and lunch to work. This will prevent you from buying expensive food at your favorite restaurant.

Stay healthy
Health insurance and medical insurance are pricey. So if you don’t want to pay huge premiums, make sure your health is at its peak. Eat right, stay active, drink lots of water, kiss the sun, and have enough rest.
Do freelance or part time jobs if you can
If you think that your salary won’t make ends meet, back it up with a freelance or part time job. Or better yet, create a passive income wherein you don’t have to do much work but you earn decent amount of money.
Living in NYC can sure to be costly compared to other cities in the country. But there are always simple ways you can do to afford living in New York. You just got to be wise.

Chris Soria

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