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Why New York is the City of Fashion

New York City is one of the big fours in the fashion industry. Not only because they have one of the highest grossing fashion industries in the world, but also because they have one of the strongest identity and most influential fashion statements in the world. New York also holds large events like fashion week to showcase the talent, creativity and uniqueness of their homegrown designers. Being one of the leading cities to spearhead the industry, New York boasts one of the busiest fashion districts which generate a significant amount of economic output.

New York Fashion Calendar
New York, being one of the fashion capitals of the world, has one of the busiest calendars in the fashion industry. This December alone, just before the New Year comes, fashion events would be simultaneously conducted on different locations making the city’s fashion icons schedule tight as it can be. And as of this moment, there are ongoing fashion events. Windows Wear and Urban Oasis are currently having tours to showcase their products and services.

Boutiques are currently running promotional sales at discounted prices. Some stores are expected to end their sale on the 31st of December this year. On December 27, a couple of days after Christmas, New York’s Garment District will be holding a free tour to showcase the latest in New York fashion.

Design Schools
Another reason why New York is very big in the fashion industry is because it has a multitude of training facilities for people interested in fashion and design. Design schools abound in New York City. From there a lot of talents have been honed and cultivated attributing to the city’s diverse fashion. Because New York is a multi-racial city, it has become a melting pot of talents from different origins. Each adding a flavor of their own to the already existing fashion culture of New York.

This on the other hand, makes New York fashion unique. At the same time people can identify themselves with New York’s fashion trend; thus, making it easy for them to adapt, accept and incorporate it to their own style. Design schools in New York strengthen this gift and help designers express themselves through their creations by giving them the necessary skills and training.

New York City is the city of fashion because it lives and breathes fashion. Fashion is one of the industries that keeps it alive, and it is also the statement of the people living in New York. High Fashion!

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Top Fashion Trends in New York City

New York City is the home of fashion icons and trendsetters. The average-looking New Yorker already looks like someone on the runway, modelling clothes she’s wearing. It almost look like everyone is competing against each other on who dresses better. It’s no wonder why NYC has become an inspiration to many designers (veterans and aspirants).

There are thousands of world renowned fashion trends that started on a New York runway and these are as follows:

All Black
A few years back, dressing all black has been a huge fashion statement of all New Yorkers. In the streets and buses, even in offices and parties, you can see all sorts of black in people’s clothing. From hats to shoes, everything has a black ensemble. In fact, this has become a New Yorker’s uniform. Black fits everyone and it can complement all the colors you wear. Although this fashion trend may seem to be a little boring, that has never been the case for a New Yorker. These people know exactly how to wear black. From the little details like wearing makeup, you can never find a New Yorker that doesn’t look like a real fashion icon.

The “I-just-woke-up-from-bed-look”
Oftentimes, you would see people walking down the streets and in offices wearing a look that has just come out of bed topped with a fresh no-makeup makeup, crumpled up dresses, a shoulder bag, and a messy hair bun. You know someone is a true blue New Yorker if you see someone looking so effortlessly cool and hot. Someone who just mixed up anything she can grab on to but still look good in it. They may look thrown together, but the best part is, they can still make heads turn. What others don’t know is that, it is her 23rd try to mix and match clothes!

The “no-rule-in-matching-colors” look
Although black has become the official uniform of a New Yorker, and this trend is sure to be a much safer choice, New Yorkers are also not afraid of wearing bright colors that you may think will not complement each other. But they still can manage to make uncomplimentary colors complementary. New Yorkers have this magic of having a ginger head but still have the guts to wear all sorts of colors. They are bold and daring and they know that what they put on will still look good on them. There are no dos and don’ts for a New Yorker with regards to fashion. They know what they are doing and they are confident with what they are wearing.

The different types of headgear
Bucket hats, beanie, straw hats, or just a simple headscarf—these head wraps are never out in a New Yorker’s daily fashion statement. For these people, wearing a cap is never really for the purpose of protecting your head anymore. It is for looking and feeling good. Whatever is the style and material of the head gear, New Yorkers never ran out of ideas on how to wear them.

Combination of both masculine and feminine attire
Where else can you find a woman wearing a soft flowing dress, huge pendant necklace, and a pair of men’s boots? Only in New York. Most of the time, New Yorkers wear clothes not just to follow or start a trend but they wear clothes according to their schedule for the entire day. So when they are in a rush but still would want to attract the beholders, manly boots on a dress are the perfect pair to put on.

For a true blue New Yorker, there is never a rule. Just wear what looks good on you, be confident and wear a smile!

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The Average Young Adult Lifestyle in New York

Life in New York is not quite as average as in every other city, although with the exception that it’s a lot of fun for someone of a young age. While New Yorkers are so much into partying, modern young adults are not like this anymore. Seeing the need to slow down in concerts and other outings , young professionals of today are more into doing safer activities.


I have been through a lot of parties and wine bars where you get to encounter and meet a lot of different people from different social backgrounds. Your social life can be quite vigorous especially where there are a lot of watering holes you can jump into. I have been through a lot of social crowds and met friends. We connected most probably because we had the same kinds of interest and we connected on several levels. They’ve become good friends and we would unwind after a hard day’s work. It could be funny seeing one or two of your friends pass out because of too much liquor, but not if you are on that side. All this lifestyle can be hard on your wallet and can take a toll on your health. So after much contemplation, I decided to look for some activities that would make my time productive and worthwhile.
And here are a few tips any young adult should invest their time in.

Hone a new skill.
There are a lot of short courses that offer just a few hours of your time, from learning how to paint, pottery, and all sorts of craft. I, on the other hand, tried baking.

It can be quite relaxing and satisfying, not only to your tummy, but seeing yourself mix and combine all these ingredients and make something scrumptious out of items so simple, is rewarding.
Volunteer works.

Spending some time with other people and seeing them smile can be quite fulfilling. It can bridge a hole in your heart which can make you smile even more.

Host a party at home.
Not only will it be much more fun, less the alcohol. But it can also build your relationships stronger. With so much going on in your life, even just spending a moment with your family or friends can make you feel motivated and happy in life.


Find some time to exercise.

You can go to the gym, jog or perhaps meditate. It can make you feel at peace and much more in tune with your surroundings.

Living in a fast paced life can be stressful and a lot of partying and alcohol can be damaging to your health. So looking for alternatives both rewarding and fun can make your time worthwhile and fulfilling.

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