Are Fashion Films Useful for Creating Sales?

Fashion films have always been a major part of marketing campaigns coming out of the fashion industry. It should come as no surprise that the rise of video marketing has meant more fashion startups are deciding to invest in them. They’re no longer the preserve of the big fashion houses.


This article will answer whether fashion films are useful for creating sales.


Taking Advantage of the Mobile Revolution


The format of fashion films means that they’re perfectly optimized for the designers of today. Fashion startups should invest in them because they’re perfectly suited to the mobile revolution. Over half of all people access the Internet exclusively from their mobile devices.


This means that people are not going to spend their time reading a lot of content on a tiny screen. Videos can give them that same content in a format that’s easy to consume.


Videos Reduce Your Bounce Rate


As a result of the mobile revolution, most people are not willing to read huge blogs on that latest piece you designed. They’ll go elsewhere and they won’t come back. Videos ensure that visitors will stay on your site because a video can say thousands of words in a matter of seconds.


They can explain the details of your design faster and more comprehensively than you ever could.


Take Advantage of Influencer Marketing


Big fashion firms can afford to employ Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham to model their latest creations. But you can still take advantage of influencer marketing as well. Videos are perfect for associating major influencers with your brand. You can easily find a local figure or a major online figure to narrate or appear in one of your videos to help increase your sales without breaking the bank.


Influencer marketing is key to making your brand stand out from the crowd. The right influencer can take your fashion startup into prominence.


Benefit from Paid Social Media Advertising


Social media advertising has existed for a few years now. But it’s only recently evolved into video advertising. The fact is that video advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise on social media. It’s also one channel you can’t afford to ignore.


Social media is so powerful for startups because of the influence of social proof and word of mouth marketing. The more positive feedback you receive from real people the higher the chance you have of people taking notice of what you have to sell.


Paid social media advertising with video also allows you to easily take advantage of word of mouth marketing. Startups will find that gaining publicity in this way sets them up for success in both the short-term and the long-term.


Conclusion – Hire the Right Team


Make sure you hire a San Francisco professional video team to ensure you get a polished fashion video. They can make your vision a reality and create a video that stands out among the hundreds of others that your target audience will come across. Hiring professionals doesn’t have to break the bank and you’ll find the investment well worth it going forward.


How will you use fashion videos to increase sales today?


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