Top Ways Sickness Gets Spread in Elementary School

Unlike adults, children have a weaker immune system and are more susceptible to germs. This reality is compounded by the fact that they have to attend elementary schools where they come into close contact with their classmates. Add that to the fact that they have germy habits like sticking strange objects into their mouths or chewing their learning materials (books, toys, and stationaries). Illnesses can spread faster for this age group because of a number of factors:

Failure to wash hands

Washing hands is one of the easiest ways to prevent the spread of illnesses. Unfortunately, most children fail to perform this simple task after coming into contact with germs. At a younger age, most school kids fail to understand the importance of washing their hands after sneezing, using the bathroom, or touching learning tools like toys.

Most children get colds by rubbing their eyes or nose with the same hands that have the cold germs – because they fail to wash their hands. In fact, WebMD has estimated that the average American child contracts six to ten colds a year. Based on the same findings, children’s colds cause missed school days and more doctor visits than any other condition.

Direct Contact

For younger kids, it is almost impossible to avoid touching their friend’s body (face, eyes, nose, or ears). This kind of contact makes it easier for germs to be passed from one child to another through the access points. An infected child may acquire a bacteria or virus after wiping the nose or sneezing. If that child comes into contact with another, it is possible for the virus to be transmitted. The next child will then be affected if he or she touches other body parts like the mouth, nose, or eyes. In addition, some viruses can remain on objects like toys or surfaces like doorknobs, and may similarly be passed on to the next child.

Lice infestation

The US CDC has estimated that 6 to 12 million infestations occur every year among children ages 3 to 11 in the United States. Worse, another study has revealed that certain lice are resistant to over-the-counter drugs: a confirmation that infestations need to be taken seriously. Lice find a better breeding ground when children are crowded together because they can easily travel from one child to another. A good example is head lice, which can easily be transmitted when two children play with their heads close together. Lice may cause intense itching of the neck, scalp, or the area behind the ears. Intense scratching may cause other infections like enlarged neck nodes, hives, or scalp scabs. Sometimes your only option is to hire a local lice removal service. A lot of them use all natural products and can you give you their guarantee, like the one we near us in Las Vegas.

Lack of proper cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting of surfaces

Failure to properly clean, sanitize, and disinfect surfaces exposes children to various infectious diseases. Some elementary schools fail to perform regular cleaning on their surfaces and continue to expose kids to several infections. Even though cleaning may take place, failure to apply a disinfectant or sanitizer will not do much when trying to eliminate germs. Even though cleaning may not kill bacteria, it removes them and lowers their numbers. Therefore, any surface that soils on a regular basis needs cleaning to free it from pathogens. After the cleaning, sanitizing should follow to eliminate most of the germs.

Inhaling ‘contaminated’ air

Some diseases can be spread by bacteria that live in the airways. These kinds of germs are easily transferred from the mouth or nose and can be inhaled by other children. In some cases, an infection can also be spread through a droplet that is expelled by an infected child. Examples of sicknesses that can be spread this way include common cold, mumps, and influenza among others. This method of transmission is common when children inhale air that is ‘contaminated’ and eventually contract an illness.


When you factor in how much time your child can waste due to illnesses, you will understand that it is better to watch out for these problems.

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Are Fashion Films Useful for Creating Sales?

Fashion films have always been a major part of marketing campaigns coming out of the fashion industry. It should come as no surprise that the rise of video marketing has meant more fashion startups are deciding to invest in them. They’re no longer the preserve of the big fashion houses.


This article will answer whether fashion films are useful for creating sales.


Taking Advantage of the Mobile Revolution


The format of fashion films means that they’re perfectly optimized for the designers of today. Fashion startups should invest in them because they’re perfectly suited to the mobile revolution. Over half of all people access the Internet exclusively from their mobile devices.


This means that people are not going to spend their time reading a lot of content on a tiny screen. Videos can give them that same content in a format that’s easy to consume.


Videos Reduce Your Bounce Rate


As a result of the mobile revolution, most people are not willing to read huge blogs on that latest piece you designed. They’ll go elsewhere and they won’t come back. Videos ensure that visitors will stay on your site because a video can say thousands of words in a matter of seconds.


They can explain the details of your design faster and more comprehensively than you ever could.


Take Advantage of Influencer Marketing


Big fashion firms can afford to employ Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham to model their latest creations. But you can still take advantage of influencer marketing as well. Videos are perfect for associating major influencers with your brand. You can easily find a local figure or a major online figure to narrate or appear in one of your videos to help increase your sales without breaking the bank.


Influencer marketing is key to making your brand stand out from the crowd. The right influencer can take your fashion startup into prominence.


Benefit from Paid Social Media Advertising


Social media advertising has existed for a few years now. But it’s only recently evolved into video advertising. The fact is that video advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise on social media. It’s also one channel you can’t afford to ignore.


Social media is so powerful for startups because of the influence of social proof and word of mouth marketing. The more positive feedback you receive from real people the higher the chance you have of people taking notice of what you have to sell.


Paid social media advertising with video also allows you to easily take advantage of word of mouth marketing. Startups will find that gaining publicity in this way sets them up for success in both the short-term and the long-term.


Conclusion – Hire the Right Team


Make sure you hire a San Francisco professional video team to ensure you get a polished fashion video. They can make your vision a reality and create a video that stands out among the hundreds of others that your target audience will come across. Hiring professionals doesn’t have to break the bank and you’ll find the investment well worth it going forward.


How will you use fashion videos to increase sales today?


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The Difficulty in Getting a Personal Loan, and What You Can Do to Help

Whether it is to fund a dream-vacation, meet the most basic living-expenses, or fund a wedding, you’ve probably considered how difficult it would be to get a personal loan. It can be a bit tricky to get a personal loan because there is no collateral to help ease the mind of the creditor. This means that you can’t put up your car or home to help gurantee the lender that you will cover the loan amount. The risk is what makes it more difficult to acquire a personal loan, and is why you will be faced with higher interest rates.

However, it is not impossible to secure a personal loan. In fact, if you use a personal loan correctly you can save big money relative to Payday Loans. There are some key things to keep in mind when shopping for a safe Payday loan. We’ve included a list of four of the major tips below:

Specifics – When it comes to securing a safe personal loan, first try to understand the specific type of loan you need. When someone refers to a personal loan, they usually mean an installment loan that is closed-ended. Make sure you understand the difference between an installment loan, an auto loan, mortgage, and payday loan. This will not only help you in your search for its own sake, but will help you appear less ignorant when speaking with lenders.

This will also help you when negotiating. Often times a creditor will offer other better options if your credit score is too low. For example, they may offer you a collateralized loan. Showing that you understand what a collateralized loan is will help you earn the trust of the creditor, and secure a loan.

Know your score – More important than knowing the credit score itself is that you know what your score means with regards to securing a loan. This will help you save time because you won’t waste it applying for loans you simply do not qualify for. This is important because each time you do apply for a loan, it is reported and your score will fall. Request a free credit report at least once per year and check it for inaccuracies to help fight for your reputation amongst potential lenders.

Improve Your Score – Credit Scores are not forever. Take steps to improve your score to give yourself a better chance at securing a personal loan. Remember, a good score will be above 700, a fair score above 640, and below that is pushing it when it comes personalized loans. By paying bills on-time and reducing your debt-to available credit ratio, you can ensure yourself the best chance of being favorably assessed.

The Right Lender – It is important that you find the right lender for your particular credit score. If you score below 700, don’t expect to get a loan from most large banks. Those that are able to lend you credit will also demand a higher rate of interest rates. Thus, knowing your options will help you minimize the toll of a poor credit score. For example, a score below 640 may rule out conventional lenders, but finding the right online lender can still provide a quality personal loan experience.


So in the end, yes, finding a personal loan can be difficult. However, knowing where you stand and who can help will make all the difference.

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My Favorite Things to Do Around Town

New York City is pregnant with pristine places to go to. Bars, restaurants, parks, and concerts, there will always be a spot for you to have fun, play around, or just relax. Everything that you see in the streets of NYC is something worth seeing. We’ll start with food!

Pizza heaven!
When it comes to eating pizza, Di Fara Pizza is my top favorite. It’s so good, you want to bow down to its maker! Plum tomato, rich mozzarella, sausage, fresh olives and basil leaves, and let’s not forget the all perfect and classic pizza dough. And though having a slice of pizza may be a hike away, a small piece is worth every second to get that gooey, cheesy, and meaty pizza in your mouth!

Talking about the favorite meal of the day? For New Yorkers, it’s always brunch. Bottom brunch in NYC is probably the best meal of everyone in the city. You have got to eat, drink, chit chat with friends, soak in the sun, and pause for a while. It almost feel like the best time of the day.

The Empire State Building
Don’t ever forget this in your list of to go tos and to dos. Every insider knows this and you should trust what they say. It is open all year round and the last tickets are up until 11:25 PM. The history itself of The Empire State Building is already heart capturing, add to that is its grand and glorious built that is worth your every penny. Ticket rates range from $22 to $45. Expect that there will always be a line starting at 8:30 am but I can guarantee you that your visit to NYC is never complete without you going to the top of this building. And for an additional $15, you can have a more intimate place on the observation deck.

Central Park
This one is on top of my priority and favorite places to recommend for everyone to go to. If you think that NYC is always about premium price tags, the Central Park is a place that tells you that happiness is free indeed. Visitors and locals often travel this park to relax their minds, to exercise, to meet friends, and enjoy family day. This is the perfect place to make up for your missed outing you have promised your child.

Bike the Big Apple
If you want to get to know more about NYC, you can dig deeper into its history and scenic hideaways through guided bike tours. In this way, you’ll get to exercise, make more “fit and healthy” friends, and get intimate with the wonders of the city.


There is just one fluff about being a New Yorker and having been living in the city for almost of your life—and that is to forget that NYC is an amazing little planet. Sometimes, your eyes might not appreciate these attractions anymore; thus for us New Yorkers, it is best to keep in mind not to get lost in a day. Remind yourself that you are in NYC and that it is still one of the best places to explore.

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How I Strive to be Frugal

New York City is said to have one of the most expensive cost of living on the planet. In a month, you would need at least $2,000 just to pay a tiny apartment, $155 for utility bills, and $400 for food. Add to that is your insurance and car expenses, which can go up to $5,000. And these are just very few of the basic things you need to spend for staying in NYC. Costly as most people would say, but there are hundreds of things you can do to survive in a premium city with just the bare minimum. Here’s how.

Find roommates
One of the most high-priced expenses you could have in NYC is the apartment. Say you find a $2,000 small apartment, find people who are also looking for roommates in the city and see if you could share the bill. This way, you could be cutting your budget to half or a third of the actual rent of the place.

Buy secondhand furniture and appliances
Online, you can find stores that sell furniture and appliances at a bargain price. Or better yet, go to shops that sell or donate recycled things that are still in good condition. This can be a little time-consuming, but it’s worth the hassle.

Buy space-saver furniture
Tiny houses and apartments are so in these days that even transforming or space saving furniture are created. These are beds that you can turn into a sofa or cabinet that transforms into a work area. Foldable tables and transforming bunk beds are just a few ideas that you can use in a small apartment so you don’t need to resort to a medium or large space to accommodate your bare necessities.

Use coupons
For your basic daily needs, you can embrace the art of couponing in your life to live in NYC inexpensively. This can be really time consuming and somewhat laborious, (if you are not much into cutting papers all the time) but you really need to give time for it. In some occasions, you don’t even have to spend a dime to buy your basic necessities. From food to toiletries to clothes, you’ll just have to grab whatever is there in your coupon.
And as for recreations, you can always go to occasionally free events in NYC. All sorts of activities are happening in the streets of New York and you can take advantage of it. Whether it  be a free concert, live shows etc. you can take advantage of them.
New York is no doubt expensive, but with deliberate actions, surviving its premium cost of living is never impossible.

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Good Characteristics This City Will Teach You

New York City is one of the most advanced places in the planet. With it comes the most advanced technologies, way of living, jobs and business, as well as crimes, and health diseases. Living here is extreme. You need to be one of the toughest and smartest persons in order to survive. Thus, in this city where just about anything happens, can come a person with good character that makes a perfect leader.

New Yorkers, even at a young age, have already understood and accepted the diversity in people. That everyone has their own story and decision in life. That everyone has their own label, but you should not make the label be your guide to accepting or rejecting someone. Black or white, male or female, transgender or bisexual, New Yorkers don’t make labels a big deal. In fact, they are the ones you see in the forefront of a campaign to support equality and anti-racism.
A true New Yorker knows that NYC is a rude place to live in, same goes to the people. People are rude. But a true New Yorker is unaffected by this fact; he sees the insolence, but instead takes action to make the world a better place to live in.

You learn that it’s okay to be alone
NYC is crowded with people. Everywhere you go, there will always be some hundreds of New Yorkers and travelers packed in an area. And though you are surrounded by this crowd, you feel alone because everyone is busy. They are busy with their hectic schedules. Everyone is going to and from the streets and buses. And even the streets are busy. But it’s okay. At a very young age, your parents have probably taught you how to be independent. How to go to school and commute all alone. How to walk the streets and read signs by yourself. You learn that being alone is no big deal. Thus, you can survive even without anyone to share life with.

You’ll be tough
New York City is not for the faint hearted. Either it will brave you up or throw you down. It is a world of competition. Where everyone is competing with each other. Where 24-hours feels like four hours. And even balancing work and life has become work itself that needs to be surpassed. At a very young age, you’ll learn how to build yourself—from your personal life to professional life. And in this way, wherever you may be, you know for yourself that you’ll survive. Because you have been through hell and you’ve made your way to a heavenly condition.

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Do You Have to be Rich to Live Here?

New York City is known to have the most expensive cost of living. House and apartment rentals, car insurance, transportation, and the cost of living itself are all premium priced. This is why most people would often tell you that you need to have at least six figures a month in order to live decently in the city. But do you really have to be rich to live here? Some New Yorkers have debunked this conspiracy and these are what they advised you to do to live comfortably and affordably in NYC.


Budget everything you need
From food to gas to utility bills and toiletries, everything, and I mean everything has to be budgeted. If you think that your monthly salary cannot cover all the things you need, make an effort to cut off those that are of lesser priority. For the meantime, make sure that your basic necessities are met and don’t go beyond your means if the budget won’t allow it. Here are some expert budget tips you can follow that can stretch your money till the next salary:

  1. Buy wholesale.
  2. Buy your basic necessities once a week.
  3. Learn the art of couponing and bartering.
  4. Choose thrift shops.
  5. Go to recycling shops and find things you need that are still in good condition.

Practice the art of sharing
If you are single, find a roommate for your apartment. Not only will you cut down on half of your monthly rental and utility bills, but you also get to have someone to share the expense of food and drinks from time to time. And if you’re married, sharing the expenses should obviously be observed. Sharing some expenses will always make the ends meet.

Cook your food
You want to eat pizza? Or maybe, you are craving an ice cream. Don’t drive to a restaurant just yet. Take the time to learn how to make your favorite food. In this way, you don’t get to spend $5 for a slice of pizza when you can get eight slices of pizza for only $10 if you make your own. Or better yet, make food that will last for a week. Learn the art of canning and freezing food. So if you are too busy, you can always open healthier frozen and canned food than that of the store bought ones. And lastly, bring your own snack and lunch to work. This will prevent you from buying expensive food at your favorite restaurant.

Stay healthy
Health insurance and medical insurance are pricey. So if you don’t want to pay huge premiums, make sure your health is at its peak. Eat right, stay active, drink lots of water, kiss the sun, and have enough rest.
Do freelance or part time jobs if you can
If you think that your salary won’t make ends meet, back it up with a freelance or part time job. Or better yet, create a passive income wherein you don’t have to do much work but you earn decent amount of money.
Living in NYC can sure to be costly compared to other cities in the country. But there are always simple ways you can do to afford living in New York. You just got to be wise.

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The Effects of Growing Up in New York

Growing up in New York City has both negative and positive effects on the behavior and perspective of an individual. But I must say that you would be thanking NYC for honing you to become a better, more prepared person especially with today’s high speed modern changes in the world’s economy and society.

You learn to become independent at a very young age.
There are long commutes to go to school at the age of 10. Yes, a New Yorker has already learned the art of going to and from the school without parental supervision. For most cities and countries, letting your kids roam around all alone is illegal and dangerous. But in NYC, kids are taught to become independent and aware of the people and surrounding they are passing by. In this way, kids in the city are more able to follow directions and even improve cognitive skills by not having to depend on their parents for everything.
New Yorkers hate people who complain about how hard commuting is because they have been doing it since they were kids. They know exactly the ins and outs of long commutes. In their mind, they evaluate the distance to where they are heading. They know how to read directions and know safety precautions whenever there is danger.

You have better social skills than others who didn’t live in NYC
Thanks to parents and guardians who lived most of their lives in NYC, they know that the key to prepare a child in his or her professional life is to improve social skills. Most New Yorkers are adept with interacting to different types of people and taking leadership roles. They are the ones you see in stages and in the forefront of a campaign or business endeavor. They are never afraid to speak their minds and they take action immediately. They don’t hesitate to do what’s necessary. And the best part is, they are not good at making you feel uncomfortable with your own skin.

You don’t care about labels
New Yorkers are one of the people who support gender equality. They don’t care whether you are black, white, brown, or yellow. They don’t have a hard time accepting you as a person. They would even help you be accepted by the society by organizing campaigns that support anti-racial activities and gender equality.  So whatever it is that you want to be in life, you can get by most of the time with a New Yorker. It is already in their system that everyone’s decision in life should be respected; thus, it is just plain normal that you don’t feel uncomfortable with them.

You take action to make the world a better place to live in
New Yorkers have seen everything the world has to offer; be it good or bad. They live in a city pregnant with advanced technologies, modern facilities, high-paying jobs, homeless people, heinous crimes, and social and political issues. With all these in their daily activities, the youth in NYC easily develops this need for a change, to interact, and to take action.

Today, there are thousands of young New Yorkers leading the world and contributing high-tech and environment-friendly innovations. Seeing the need for a much safer place to live in, these people are oftentimes the ones who would start campaigns and advocacies toward a better future, not just for New Yorkers but for everyone in general.
Though NYC is oftentimes seen as a dangerous, over-populated, and costly place to live in, the effect of all these is that New Yorkers become the best people in the world to get by and to lead the world.

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Why New York is the City of Fashion

New York City is one of the big fours in the fashion industry. Not only because they have one of the highest grossing fashion industries in the world, but also because they have one of the strongest identity and most influential fashion statements in the world. New York also holds large events like fashion week to showcase the talent, creativity and uniqueness of their homegrown designers. Being one of the leading cities to spearhead the industry, New York boasts one of the busiest fashion districts which generate a significant amount of economic output.

New York Fashion Calendar
New York, being one of the fashion capitals of the world, has one of the busiest calendars in the fashion industry. This December alone, just before the New Year comes, fashion events would be simultaneously conducted on different locations making the city’s fashion icons schedule tight as it can be. And as of this moment, there are ongoing fashion events. Windows Wear and Urban Oasis are currently having tours to showcase their products and services.

Boutiques are currently running promotional sales at discounted prices. Some stores are expected to end their sale on the 31st of December this year. On December 27, a couple of days after Christmas, New York’s Garment District will be holding a free tour to showcase the latest in New York fashion.

Design Schools
Another reason why New York is very big in the fashion industry is because it has a multitude of training facilities for people interested in fashion and design. Design schools abound in New York City. From there a lot of talents have been honed and cultivated attributing to the city’s diverse fashion. Because New York is a multi-racial city, it has become a melting pot of talents from different origins. Each adding a flavor of their own to the already existing fashion culture of New York.

This on the other hand, makes New York fashion unique. At the same time people can identify themselves with New York’s fashion trend; thus, making it easy for them to adapt, accept and incorporate it to their own style. Design schools in New York strengthen this gift and help designers express themselves through their creations by giving them the necessary skills and training.

New York City is the city of fashion because it lives and breathes fashion. Fashion is one of the industries that keeps it alive, and it is also the statement of the people living in New York. High Fashion!

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The Average Income for Mid 20 Year Olds In New York

New York is a very competitive city to live in. Knowing how much you need to earn in order for you to live a comfortable life in New York City is essential. Being aware of your income and expenditures will give you an idea of how much you can save and how much you need in order to live a comfortable life. This is vital if you want to keep everything in balance so that you wouldn’t get over board and find yourself in debt.

Average wage
The average income greatly depends on the career you choose. There are those that pay more than others in the beginning while there are those that gradually pay more as you grow in the industry. One example of those jobs that pay more is in the field of pharmacy. As a pharmacist, you will certainly earn more than other professions as you start. However, the chances of getting an increase through time is very minimal. A career in the field of law on the other hand provides better income as you gain more knowledge and experience.

New York is one of the cities with the highest wage per week. According to QCEW (Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages) since March 2015 the average weekly wage for New Yorkers is $2847, which ranks as the number one city with highest basic salary in the United States. The New York State ranks second highest basic weekly salary with $1463.

Frugal ways to make it in New York
Although NYC has the highest basic salary in the entire country, the cost of living in the area will certainly set you back a couple of notches. But if you can cut back on some of your expenses then you can save enough money so that you can accomplish your goals early on. One way of saving money is by sharing an apartment with a buddy or two. Sharing space is a great way of cutting down expenses because there would be more people to carry the load of paying for the monthly dues.


Eating in groups is also a good way of saving money. If each one could chip in on the bill then it would certainly be a lot cheaper. Buying stuff from thrift shops instead of buying them from premium shops will also help you cut back on your expenses. Living in New York City doesn’t mean that you need to be extravagant. On the other hand, the choice is entirely yours. You can either live your life like there is no tomorrow or you can plan and prepare for the future. Either way you choose, we wish you the best of luck on your journey.

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